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The Singapore Academy USA℠ “Rule Of 3” Singapore Academy USA℠ teaches to an individual student’s abilities and aptitudes, rather than trying to fit students into age-specific or grade-level boxes. Our In-Home Learning courses begin with an assessment that will determine where your student places within our range of class offerings.

Rule of 3: Our Client Families can choose from 3 STEM curricula, at 3 academic levels, in 3 kinds of courses to fit your student’s needs and schedule. We deliver all 3 dimensions of the Singapore Success Formula and make 3 Promises to our Client Families.

MathScience General STEM


General STEM
8-11 am Weekday Home SchoolWeekend & After School Supplemental Summer Camps


8-11 am Weekday Home School

Weekend & After School Supplemental

Summer Camps



Our Client Families have high expectations. While the one-size-fits-all public school system has practiced the philosophy of lowering the academic bar in the name of inclusion, our families share the philosophy of raising the bar…and including everyone by raising all up to it. And no one has raised the bar higher for K-through-12 education than Singapore.

The Singapore Success Formula

3 Success Factors

Instruction (1)

Our Three Promises

Promise 1: Alignment with Public Schools

Our first promise to parents is that if they choose to have their student return one day to public schools, their student will be able to seamlessly transition back to public schools and do exceedingly well on standardized tests. Singapore Academy USA selects learning materials and courses that are aligned with what public school systems are teaching and what states are testing.

Promise 2: Singapore Success Factors

Our second promise to parents is that we deliver the “Singapore Success Formula.” We’ve assembled course materials that offer the depth, dimensions and additional lessons—key elements of the Singapore school system—that have resulted in the world’s highest test scores. What’s more, its delivered live through daily small-class instruction by Singapore’s globally-minded teachers—experts in the proven methodologies and techniques used in Singapore’s public school system.

Promise 3: Individuality

Our third promise to parents is that their students will still enjoy the individuality, live instruction, and room for creativity that they like in U.S. education. 

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